QUANT 500 Studio Flash

QUANT is a microprocessor controlled flash lamp for professional purposses.The flash energy can be set over a range of 5 f-stopa with the high accuracy of 1/10 f-stop. There is an internal system of energy dumping when the energy level is reduced. When the setting is reduced from its maximum to its minimum value, the dumping duration is shoter than 10 s. There is an advances system of modeling lighting, with seven modes of operation, including "proportional to flash energy" mode. A standard E27 thread 100 W modelling bulb is supplied. Modelling lamps up tp 250 W canbe used, but the time of use shoud be controlled to take account of the diffuser and position chosen. The lamps can be synchronized by the built-in photocell or external synchro-cord. The pohotocell can be made to respond toa second flash. It is particularly useful when use a digital camera whit so-called "pre-flash" only, without synchro-socket. The lamps are provided with optical and sound signalling of readiness for triggering. A digital display shows the relative values of lamp energy. The display can be turned upside down, to help reading the energy value when the lamp hangs on a phantograph in diffrent position. The settings can be locked to avoid accidental changes. Colour temperature 5400 K. Power supply is in the range of 170-240 V, 50 Hz. The QUANT flash lamps may be controlled by means of an external control panel called QUANT RC. When it is linked up, it instantly takes over all lamp functions. Thr RC cord that connect it to the lamp is 10 m long as supplied.


QUANT 500 (A004)

Power: 500 W/s

Color Temperature: 5400 K

F-stop: ISO 100, 1m, reflector 60 degrees: 64.3

Recycling time (sec): 0.9-2.4s

Flash duration 0,5t sec: 1/550s

Proportoinal modelling light: 250W/E27

Control range energy: 5 f-stop in 0,1 f-stop steps

Flash triggering: Synchro cord, IR, Photocell, first or second flash  

Voltage across synch cord: 12DC(V)

Flash power stability: +/- 1% 

Power supply: 170-240V

Dimensions (cm): 12 x 12 x 30

Weight: 2.9 kg


In Box – monoblock flash with flash tube and modeling 100W lamp, cable 220V, warranty card, manual in Bulgarian or English.

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